Hoosiers for A Conservative Senate


Tuesday May 8th, Conservatives in Indiana made HISTORY.  By a 20% margin, 6 term Senator Richard Lugar was defeated, and RICHARD MOURDOCK was elected to be the Republican Nominee for United States Senate.  

We thank everyone for their hard work the past 18 months.  You have shown the world that the Conservative movement is alive and well.  You did what they said COULD NOT be done.  This was a David and Goliath race. We are gearing up to run the HARDEST REPUBLICAN race ever fought!  We will take on Joe Donnelly and officially elect Richard Mourdock as our United States Senator!  

Our History:
Saturday January 22,  2011 was a historic day for the Tea Party movement in Indiana. Tea Party Groups from all over the state of Indiana  gathered in Tipton Indiana to Unite for one cause.  A CONSERVATIVE United States Senator!   Groups from as far north as South Bend, and as far south as Evansville made the snowy trip to Tipton Indiana where unity was thick in the room.   There was a consensus that Indiana's TEA Party Movement must unite around a single conservative Candidate.  The process was launched that day.  Groups left excited and unified! 

The Mission Statement: To ensure the United States Senatorial representation of Indiana reflects conservative values and is in strict adherence with the Constitution of the United States as worded and originally intended by the writers of this sacred document

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FreedomWorks PAC to Make Announcement on the Indiana Senate Race

WHAT: FreedomWorks PAC will be making an official announcement regarding the Indiana Senate race on Friday, October 21st in Indianapolis, IN.
WHEN: Friday October 21, 2011, from 5:30-6:00pm ET.
WHERE: Radisson Hotel (Airport), 2500 South High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46241.

WHY: As a service center for limited-government activists across the country, FreedomWorks PAC played a key role in the upset victories of Senator Mike Lee (UT), Marco Rubio (FL), Rand Paul (KY), and flipping the House of Representatives in 2010.  The PAC will continue empowering Hoosier conservatives on the ground with materials and training, and endorse a 2012 Senate candidate who shares the values of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.

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Seating will be limited... We need everyone there if possible!  Richard Mourdock's campaign will be there. Right after this announcement, we will move over to the Debt Commission meeting.

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